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Sm-Liiga Inhaltsverzeichnis

Die Liiga ist die oberste finnische Eishockeyliga. Sie wurde als SM-liiga gegründet, um die Amateurliga SM-sarja zu ersetzen. wurde sie aus Marketinggründen in Liiga umbenannt. „SM“, das bis Namensbestandteil war, ist eine Abkürzung. Die Liiga (bis SM-liiga) ist die oberste finnische Eishockeyliga. Sie wurde als SM-liiga gegründet, um die Amateurliga SM-sarja zu ersetzen. Die Saison /20 ist die Spielzeit der finnischen Eishockeyprofiliga und die siebente Logo hostalbogota.co Spieler, Mannschaft, Sp, T, V, Punkte, SM, +/−. SM Liiga / Live Ticker auf hostalbogota.co bietet Livescore, Resultate, SM Liiga / Ergebnisse und Spieldetails. Die Spiele und Eishockey Ergebnisse vom aktuellen Spieltag der Nuorten SM-Liiga - Eishockey live Statistiken Wettpoint.


Die Saison /20 ist die Spielzeit der finnischen Eishockeyprofiliga und die siebente Logo hostalbogota.co Spieler, Mannschaft, Sp, T, V, Punkte, SM, +/−. SM Liiga / live - Folgen Sie SM Liiga Live Ergebnisse, Ergebnisse, Tabellen, Statistiken und Match Details auf hostalbogota.co Die Spiele und Eishockey Ergebnisse vom aktuellen Spieltag der Nuorten SM-Liiga - Eishockey live Statistiken Wettpoint.

Sm-Liiga Video

E. Kannonlahti Oy JM SM Liiga 2019 Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Pekka Kangasalusta. Die Liiga bis Wahl Broker ist die oberste finnische Eishockeyliga. Jussi Ahokas. Eemeli Suomi. Liiga seit Spielzeit der finnischen Eishockeyprofiliga und die siebente nach der Umbenennung in Https://hostalbogota.co/golden-nugget-casino-online/allerheiligen-bayern.php. Tommi Jokinen. Jede der 15 Mannschaften bestreitet 60 Spiele in der Hauptrunde. Jussi Ahokas. Miika Roine. Turun Palloseura TPS Titelverteidiger ist HPK Hämeenlinna. Liiga seit Kristian Kuusela. Https://hostalbogota.co/gta-5-online-casino-dlc/beste-spielothek-in-vinstedt-finden.php Teams mit gleicher Punktzahl entscheidet die Tordifferenz.

Oldest 1. Jani Tuppurainen F 40 yrs 2. Arto Laatikainen D 40 yrs 3. Juha-Pekka Hytönen F 39 yrs 4. Tuukka Mäntylä D 39 yrs 5.

Mika Pyörälä F 38 yrs. Tallest 1. Niko Hovinen G cm 2. Otto Latvala D cm 3. Miro Karjalainen D cm 4. Markus Niemeläinen D cm 5.

Samu Perhonen G cm. Heaviest 1. Olavi Vauhkonen F kg 2. Alex Lintuniemi D kg 3. Ben Blood D kg 4. Niko Hovinen G kg 5.

Ari Gröndahl D kg. Youngest 1. Brad Lambert F 16 yrs 2. Aatu Räty F 17 yrs 3. Matias Rajaniemi D 17 yrs 4. Roby Järventie F 17 yrs 5.

Eemil Viro D 18 yrs. Shortest 1. Petrus Palmu F cm 2. Teemu Rautiainen F cm 3. Jerry Turkulainen F cm 4. Henrik Larsson D cm 5.

Tuukka Mäntylä D cm. Lightest 1. Otto Kivenmäki F 62 kg 2. Aleksi Klemetti F 68 kg 3. Julius Pohjanoksa G 70 kg 4.

Severi Soukka G 72 kg 5. Joona Voutilainen G 72 kg. Where are they now? Filter: Played in Liiga during season All Seasons League All-Time Points.

Janne Ojanen F 2. Arto Javanainen F 3. Ville Vahalahti F 4. Jari Lindroos F 5. Esa Keskinen F League All-Time Goals. Arto Javanainen F 2.

Vesa Viitakoski F 3. Timo Susi F 4. Janne Ojanen F 5. Kari Makkonen F League All-Time Assists. Esa Keskinen F 3.

Jari Lindroos F 4. Matti Hagman F 5. Ville Vahalahti F Markus Kankaanperä D 54 2. Pasi Peltonen D 69 3. Toni Mäkiaho F 4. Jyri Marttinen D 75 5.

Pauli Levokari D 27 74 League All-Time Games played. Jan Latvala D 2. Markus Kankaanperä D 54 3. Erik Hämäläinen D 4. Ville Vahalahti F 5.

Ilkka Mikkola D 69 League All-Time Points per Game. Janne Kuokkanen F 1 2 2 2. Veli-Pekka Ketola F 95 1. Mariusz Czerkawski F 7 9 12 1.

League All-Time Points per Season. Kari Jalonen F Liiga 44 29 64 93 2. Matti Hagman F Liiga 35 37 50 87 2.

Raimo Summanen F Liiga 44 35 46 81 1. Jan Caloun F Liiga 51 24 57 81 1. Kai Nurminen F Liiga 54 41 37 78 1.

League All-Time Goals per Season. Arto Javanainen F Liiga 44 47 20 67 1. Raimo Summanen F Liiga 36 45 15 60 1. Arto Javanainen F Liiga 36 44 27 71 1.

Jukka Vilander F Liiga 42 43 23 66 1. League All-Time Assists per Season. Kari Jalonen F Liiga 44 18 56 74 1. Esa Keskinen F Liiga 44 14 55 69 1.

Pekka Järvelä F Liiga 41 17 54 71 1. Matt Nickerson D Liiga 36 5 8 13 0. Kristian Kudroc D Liiga 48 10 12 22 0.

Jarkko Ruutu F Liiga 50 10 18 28 0. Ben Blood D Liiga 57 3 7 10 0. Sami Helenius D Liiga 49 1 6 7 0. Dragan Umicevic. Anthony Luciani.

Brian Lebler. Rick Schofield. Ty Loney. Playoffs Cancelled. Did not make playoffs. Justin Danforth F. Eemeli Suomi F. Julius Nättinen F.

Jesse Puljujärvi F. Kristian Kuusela F. Eetu Mäkiniemi G. Justus Annunen G. Michael Garteig G. Lukas Dostal G.

Patrik Rybar G. Niko Ojamäki F. Linköping HC. Aleksi Rekonen F. BIK Karlskoga. Stuart Percy D. Belleville Senators. Libor Sulak D.

Juha-Pekka Haataja F. Matti Järvinen F. Ilari Filppula F. Juhamatti Aaltonen F. Ludwig Byström D. Shaun Heshka D.

Jussi Jokinen F. It was the first Finnish professional sports league, and its solutions were untried.

However, there had been a mounting demand for these changes, as the popularity of ice hockey had been rising in the previous decade. The SM-liiga picked up where the SM-sarja left off with its 10 clubs.

The four best of the regular season were to proceed to the playoffs. The system of promotion and relegation from the SM-sarja remained in force: last-placed teams of the regular season had to qualify for their position in the SM-liiga against the best teams of the second-highest series.

The combined attendance for the first eleven regular seasons hovered around , In —87 , the number of games for each team was increased from 36 to 44, reaching its current level of 56 games in —01 , and the SM-liiga was expanded to 12 clubs for the —89 season.

The general popularity of ice hockey strengthened through international success of the Finland men's national ice hockey team , and the combined attendance climbed through the s to about 1.

This prompted an increase in the profitability of the ice hockey business and the completion of the transition to full professionalism.

By the mids, all players were full-time, and by , most clubs had reformed into limited companies. In late s and early s the SM-liiga was the strongest hockey league in Europe and the second strongest in the world.

By that time many Finnish, Czech and North American players made their professional breakthroughs in Finland. Since the —01 season, the SM-liiga has been closed, meaning that relegations and promotions take place only by the judgment of the board of the SM-liiga.

The only such promotion took place instantly in Without the threat of relegation, the weaker clubs were supposed to be able to recuperate and improve.

This had, however, a side effect: clubs with a losing record that had lost their hopes of reaching the playoffs often disposed of high-salary star players, letting down their supporters.

To counteract this, the playoffs were expanded to the best 10 clubs each season from among the 13 total in the league.

The league changed its name to just Liiga for the —14 season , and introduced a new logo to match.

Today, there are 15 teams in the league. The team names are usually the traditional name of the club.

All clubs are commonly known by the name of their team. Oy and Ab are the abbreviations for limited company in Finnish and Swedish respectively.

Teams relegated were relegated to second-tier Mestis in the year shown, and are there today unless noted otherwise.

Regular season: All teams play 60 matches, a quadruple round robin with extra local double rounds every team plays four matches against every other team, plus two extra matches against two defined local opponents.

Each match consists of 60 minutes regulation time, and in the event of a tie, the winner is decided by a three-on-three sudden death, 5-minute overtime.

Ties after overtime are decided by a shootout , where each team has three shooters in the beginning. If the game is tied after three shooters, the shootout will be decided by individual shooters against one another until one scores and the other does not.

The —11 season also saw the inaugural Talviklassikko outdoor game at Helsinki 's Olympic Stadium. Scoring: A win in regulation time is worth three points, a win by sudden death overtime two points, a loss by sudden death overtime one point and a loss in regulation time zero points.

Teams will be ranked by points, and teams tied by points are ranked by the greater number of wins in regulation. Playoffs: The six best teams at the conclusion of regular season proceed directly to quarter-finals.

Teams placing between seventh and tenth inclusive will play preliminary play-offs best-out-of-three — the two winners take the last two slots to quarter-finals.

Starting from the season — all series since then are best-of-seven. Losers of the semi-finals play a bronze medal match.

Teams are paired up for each round according to regular season results so that the highest-ranking team will play against the lowest-ranking, second highest against the second lowest, and so on.

Higher-ranking teams play the first match at home, then by turns away, home, away, etc. Each playoff match consists of a minute regulation time which in the event of a tie is followed by extra minute periods of 5-on-5 sudden death overtime, in which the first team to score wins.

Scheduling: The regular season begins around mid-September. It takes a one-and-half-week break around the end of October to the beginning of November, when Team Finland competes in Karjala Tournament.

There is a one-week Christmas break. The regular season is completed around mid-March and preliminary playoffs ensue almost immediately.

The playoffs are completed by mid-April, so that all players are available for the World Championships.

The winners of the playoffs receive gold medals and the Kanada-malja , the championship trophy of the Liiga. The winners of the regular season receive a trophy Harry Lindbladin muistopalkinto as well, though it is considered less prestigious than the bronze medals of the playoffs, similar to the difference in the National Hockey League between the status of the Stanley Cup and the Presidents' Trophy.

These are the top-ten point-scorers in SM-Liiga franchise history. Figures are updated after each completed Liiga regular season.

In , the trophies were named after Finnish hockey legends. Before that, trophies were named after sponsors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Main article: Kanada-malja. Main article: List of Finnish ice hockey champions. International Ice Hockey Federation.

Archived from the original on 6 October Retrieved 23 January Mestis Suomi-sarja 2. Top-level ice hockey leagues. South Africa.

Australia New Zealand.

Sm-Liiga Sm-Liiga

Sm-Liiga Video

Brad Lambert - SM-Liiga U20 Highlights 2019-2020 Die Eishockey Nuorten SM-Liiga Tabelle Finnland der Saison - Eishockey live Statistiken Wettpoint. Pisteet per ottelu; YV%: Ylivoimaprosentti; AV%: Alivoimaprosentti. Jääkiekon SM-liiga Oy:n tilastojen käyttöön liittyy rajoituksia. Tutustuthan käyttöehtoihimme​. SM-liiga (11PPG) · Bester Assistent und Strafbankkönig Playoffs TPS Turku (8A/16M) · Finnischer Vizemeister mit TPS Turku · , SM Liiga / live - Folgen Sie SM Liiga Live Ergebnisse, Ergebnisse, Tabellen, Statistiken und Match Details auf hostalbogota.co Eishockey Liiga (Finnland) / - Live-Konferenz - umfassend und aktuell: Zum Spielwoche SM-Liiga / Live-Konferenz.

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Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Jedes Spiel besteht aus 3 mal 20 Minuten. Charles Bertrand.

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Jouko Myrrä. Die Liiga bis SM-liiga ist die oberste finnische Eishockeyliga. Jarno Pikkarainen. In der Hauptsaison muss jedes Team viermal gegen jedes andere Team in der Liga und zwei- oder viermal zusätzlich gegen eine örtlich nahegelegene Mannschaft spielen. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Europäische Eishockeymeisterschaften der Männer Folgende Trophäen werden von der Liiga vergeben:. Matt Nickerson D Liiga 36 5 8 13 0. The SM-liiga picked up where the SM-sarja left off with its 10 clubs. They were to Sm-Liiga their own association for SM-liiga ice hockey only, separating their commitments from junior go here and other sports. Hidden categories: Use dmy dates from May Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia Articles with Finnish-language sources fi. Teemu Rautiainen F cm 3. Samu Perhonen G. Brad Lambert F 16 yrs click at this page. Ehemalige Mannschaften: Mannschaften, die sich umbenannt haben, zurückversetzt wurden oder die Liiga verlassen haben. Die jeweiligen Gegner werden so zusammengestellt, dass die nach der regulären Saison bestplatzierte Mannschaft gegen die schlechteste spielt, die zweitbeste, gegen Sm-Liiga zweitschlechteste, und so weiter. Charles Bertrand. SM-liiga — Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Zurzeit spielen 15 Mannschaften in der Liga. Die Liiga bis SM-liiga ist die check this out finnische Eishockeyliga. In der Runde um Platz 3 wird lediglich ein Spiel gespielt. Der Gewinner der Hauptsaison erhält eine Trophäe namens Harry Lindbladin muistopalkintodie von den Mannschaften weniger Sm-Liiga wird als die Bronzemedaille. Miika Roine. Ari-Pekka Selin. Hannes Björninen. Mika Pyörälä. Ari-Pekka Pajuluoma.

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